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PC Based OBD2 Scantool Package

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Our Award Winning Scanalyst Package is a Professional Grade PC based diagnostic system, designed and developed specifically for the Professional Vehicle Technician or home enthusiast.

Scanalyst provides essential real-time information on a vehicle's performance, engine and drivetrain status and ECU system, allowing for easily reading and clearing ECU fault codes alongside a whole host of other information.

Recently voted "Best Buy" in a Diagnostic Tools Group Test in the popular "Car Mechanics Magazine" beating all of our competitors products.

Vehicle information can be compared and plotted on real-time graphs, shown on digital gauges or in digital numerical format.

Engine fault codes can be easily read, faults diagnosed and fault codes quickly cleared.

Scanalyst also provides a realtime dyno chart, showing engine performance.

Scanalyst is suitable for use on any PC running Windows 98 or later with a USB port (PC not included)

Scanalyst Package includes
1 x USB Multi-protocol OBD2 PC to Vehicle Interface
1 x Scanalyst Comprehensive User Manual
1 x Set of Installation instructions
1 x New Scanalyst software on CD ROM

Scanalyst Works on ALL OBD2 compliant cars (years 2000 onwards for petrol and 2002 onwards for diesel) and covers all four ECU protocols : ISO, PWM, VPW and CANBUS

Scanalyst software features

Vehicle Info

Data on which car is being tested & ECU model

System Status

details continous testing information, MIL status (multi-indicator lamp / check engine lamp)and list of detected ECUs.

Read and clear error codes and switch of MIL

Stored diagnostic trouble codes and pending diagnostic trouble codes.
Read new codes and clear existing fault codes.

Dyno Charts

Dynometer providing details BHP and Torque graphs in real-time

Real-time gauges

For easy monitoring of various engine parameters

Table and Map details

Showing vast amounts of real-time vehicle information in user defined tables

Live Data Graphs

Real-time user defined graphs, allowing any values read to be easily read and displayed on a single page

Even a drag strip!

For engine tuners we have even included a 'drag strip' function, showing performance data, including 0-60, 0-¼ mile etc. System starts and records readings automatically as the speeds and distances are reached.

Help file

Detailed help file, should you need any assistance using Scanalyst
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