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OBDLink LX is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, hacker-proof, lightning-fast Bluetooth OBD adapter that can turn your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or netbook into a sophisticated diagnostic scan tool, trip computer, and real-time performance monitor.

Based on the best-selling OBDLink MX , the budget-priced OBDLink LX offers the same unparalleled performance, delivering up to 4 times as many samples per second as the closest competitor. The ultra-fast response times let you enjoy accurate, detailed graphs and smooth, realistic virtual gauges.

Consider purchasing OBDLink MX if you need access to the proprietary Ford & GM vehicle networks (Ford MSC and GMLAN) in addition to the standard OBD-II protocols.

OBDLink LX is a budget-priced, pocket-size Bluetooth OBD adapter device that features exceptional performance, intelligent sleep mode, hacker-proof link security, unparalleled third party app and software support, and free lifetime firmware and software updates. It can be used as a diagnostic scan tool, trip computer, logger, and real-time performance monitor.

In direct comparison tests, OBDLink LX outperformed every competing Bluetooth OBD adapter, delivering 300% more data samples per second. Its intelligent sleep mode (BatterySaver™) allows the device to stay plugged in indefinitely, without draining the vehicle’s battery. The wakeup is also entirely automatic, requiring no intervention from the user.

Unlike the vast majority of Bluetooth OBD adapters, which continuously broadcast their presence and use an easy-to-guess 4-digit PIN, OBDLink LX implements a unique multi-layered link security mechanism, which eliminates the risk of unauthorized access. OBDLink LX’s support of the de facto standard ELM327 command set, makes it compatible with more third-party OBD software and mobile apps than any other competing OBD adapter.

OBDLink LX will quickly and accurately diagnose engine problems and access performance parameters for all OBD-II compliant vehicles. Included OBDwiz software for Windows and the OBDLink app for Android allow you to:
Turn off the check engine light, and erase stored diagnostic information.
Read and erase stored, pending, and permanent trouble codes (both generic and manufacturer-specific).
Access freeze frame information.
Display, graph, and log 90+ real-time parameters
Create custom digital dashboards
Measure and display fuel economy
And much more!
The firmware inside OBDLink LX is upgradeable, which means you can enjoy the latest features simply by downloading a free update.

LX also supports EOBD, JOBD, and all other international variants of OBD-II.

Key Features
Maximum Vehicle Coverage
Proprietary connection algorithm enables LX to connect to more OBD-compliant makes & models than any other scan tool
World’s Fastest Bluetooth OBD adapter
Up to 300% faster than the competition. Enjoy smoother graphs and real-time gauges.
Small form factor
At just under 2” long, OBDLink won’t obstruct driver legroom.
Unique security scheme eliminates the risk of unauthorized access.
Read & Clear Check Engine light
Check diagnostic codes yourself and make confident, informed repair decisions.
BatterySaverâ„¢ Technology
Plug it in, leave it in — without the danger of draining your vehicle's battery. Fully automatic sleep and wake-up: does not require switches or manual button presses!
Expand Your Dashboard
Display auxiliary real-time gauges directly on your mobile device.
Free Android and Windows Diagnostic software
OBDLink app and OBDwiz are included with your purchase, free of charge!
More Software Choices
OBDLink LX is backwards compatible with the ELM327 command set, and works with dozens of third party apps (including Torque and DashCommand), on virtually every platform (except iOS), across every device category — smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop PCs.
Free Updates
Download the latest firmware & software to get new features and keep your adapter up to date.
Peace of Mind
Covered by our 3-year warranty & 90-day money-back guarantee.
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